Volunteer Descriptions


We operate the concession stand on the visitor side at all home football games.  It takes 25-30 volunteers to run the stand each game.  Volunteer duties are varied:

  • Set up (beginning around 4pm on game days)
  • Grilling meats
  • Wrapping sandwiches
  • Frying our almost-famous hand-cut fries
  • Assembling custom order of loaded fries and nachos
  • Cashiers to take orders (and payment)
  • Runners to help make sure items are delivered to customers

Pit Crew

We help load equipment and supplies along with help for front ensemble.  We need a minimum of 10-12 volunteers for this role.  Plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to band reporting time.

  • Loading and unloading of trailers (pulling trailers if available)
  • Preparing and breaking down of props and getting them on and off the field
  • Helping front ensemble get set up and off the field
  • Helping out with general maintenance things like broken carts, wheels, etc.

We suggest comfortable clothing and footwear and the ability to do lifting from light to heavy is required.  Pit Crew members can purchase a special “Pit Crew” T-shirt to wear while volunteering.

Auxiliary / Color Guard

These volunteers are in place to assist our color guard at games and competitions.  Duties can be varied:

  • Hemming of color guard uniform pants
  • Assistance if able with hair preparation (Dutch braids) – These volunteers would need to be at the school by 4:30pm before Friday football games and prior to leaving for competions (varied times)
  • Transporting color guard members personal effects to the football games and to competitions – these volunteers should arrive by 5:20pm for away games and by 6:00pm for home games.  Travel times to competitions vary.
  • Possibly assist color guard members in loading flags to the trailers after competitions


Volunteers should arrive along with the students to be available as they are dressing.

  • Handle “uniform emergencies” – forgotten gloves, broken shoelaces, helping get hair pinned up
  • Placing plumes on hats during warm-up
  • Collecting and storing plumes after performances
  • Carry plume bin or supply bag

Volunteers should dress comfortably for the weather and should be able to stay for the duration of the event.


Volunteers help feed students prior to home and away football games.

  • Set out food
  • Collect money
  • Hand out dinners

We generally meet in the commons around 3:45pm to set up.  After we pass out food and clean up, we are free to go or attend the game. 

Occasionally we will have food prior to competitions.


Volunteers help ensure the band students have what they need and get where they need to be at the proper time.  Numbers vary but usually there are around 10 volunteers per event. 

For football games, report time is usually between 4:30pm – 5:30pm and is announced each week. 

For competitions, the times vary are are announced each week.

  • Provide water (and sometimes snacks) for the students
  • Ride the buses with the students
  • March to/from the stadium with the band
  • Take roll for competitions
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