Dear Atlee Band Families,

Participation in band develops students in ways other classes do not. Band students tend to organize their time more effectively while maintaining a high academic standard. Leadership skills are explored, cultivated and culminated in the band program. Band also develops character and life skills that students can take with them to college and beyond.

Students benefit in any transitional period (middle school to high school-high school to college) when they are a part of an organized activity.  

Marching arts and specifically marching band offers students the opportunity to perform music in a mixed ensemble. Sports while an important part of education and the overall high school experience cannot allow all members of the team to play at one time. Students who participate in marching band play all the time and each member is an integral part of the big picture.

From a Band Parent

Mr. Rozecki,

I just want to write a quick note of thanks. Marching band has allowed my child to find a niche in their high school experience. At first, he thought he wouldn’t be able to perform because everyone is on a different level musically but once band camp started he realized that he could reach his goals. The positive support from the band staff, student leadership, and his friends was incredible. Not only did he learn how to march and play his instrument but he made many new friends and learned new skills he did not previously possess. Thank you for encouraging my child through marching band. You will have him all four years!

From a parent standpoint, you won’t find a better family for your child while they are away from their real family!

Lasting Bonds

Shared experiences build relationships and friendships. Friendships made during high school band can last a lifetime.


Long rehearsals, drill memorization, music memorization is a foundation for discipline later, through college, in the workplace, as a parent.

Life Skills

Whether it be time management, showing resilience during competitions, or developing excellent multi-tasking skills, band members are better prepared to meet demands throughout life.

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